Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to me as my own. Here is the general description of what information is collected by the site.

The content of this site is statically generated using Jekyll. As such the pages themselves do not record anything and change only when I change them.

The site is hosted by the GitHub. They could be logging some information about visitors - like IP addresses. I do not receive any such data. If you have concerns you should ask

I may use analytics services such as Google Analytics. The purpose is to have a feedback of what pages are more popular and how visitors come to discover the site. The analytics data has statistical nature and is fairly anonymized. I do not intend to store or share any of that data with third parties.
Google may use the data for their own purposes as well - like search ratings. I would not know.
If you have concerns, you should ask

I am using Disquis as a service that facilitates comments and discussions on an otherwise static site. Comments and related information such as identity of the commenter does get retained and is public - that is the point. I will not share any extra data besides what is publicly available through the comments.
Disquis could collect more data related to the comments than available on this site. If you are concerned about how Disquis uses the data related to comments, you should contact
Note that commenting is completely optional.

This site may indirectly use “cookies” — small data files stored locally on your computer. Both analytics tools and Disquis could use cookies to implement their services. I am not using any of that directly.
Note that there are ways to delete or disable cookies in your browser settings.

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